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My Style

Funny you should mention that...

Define it in one word? Impossible!

It’s hard to sit here and put what I do in a neat little box. Style to me involves so many things. It’s not just what’s photographed, it’s how its photographed, for example composition. It’s how it’s finished for example editing etc etc etc. There are a lot of variables, so one word or even a few words just won’t cut it!

However, largely what I like to produce for my couples is reportage. Reportage is just a word fancy people use to describe documentary photography if we are being honest. So it’s natural, I’m not the guy asking people to “say cheese”. No thank you. I’m breezing in and out of scenes like a ninja. I’m a ninja!

Ok, let's get serious for a minute...

I have a love of documentation. You can’t put a price on those beautiful moments at your wedding. This day is so important to you, so in turn it’s important to me. I understand the trust you are putting in me and I take it very seriously. This job has a huge responsibility. It shapes memories of a time where your family and friends come together united to cerebrate you. Honestly, that’ll probably only happen once in your life.

So those natural and raw emotions are where it’s at as far am I’m concerned. With this said, I still shoot the family photographs, the formals if you want to call them that. I don’t like to use that word though, nothing I do is formal! These are photographs that nobody really wants, but they actually do want! This part of the day can still be fun. Sometimes, I find this can be the most fun part of the day for me, I love the interaction! The difference here is that this isn’t documentary, we are posing these shots.


The photographs of you two beauts are posed too. It’s very important to remember though, this is to varying degrees! I’ll have spoken to you and even sent out a form that’s all about you and your relationship before the day. It’s not intrusive or compulsory for you to complete it. But if you do, it gives me a great idea of who you are as individuals and as a couple. You may adore the camera, you may not. You may be like a bit of PDA, showing the whole world how much you love each other, you might not. Knowing this about you and other things (there’s questions about other stuff around your day too) means your day is shot for you. It’s your day, they’re your memories and I want you to have what you want, simple as.

So, to conclude...

I don’t really have a style that I can describe in one word. But what I will say is everything I do on a wedding day is based around enjoyment for all. If I’m photographing the family shots or you as a couple, we will all be having a giggle. If I’m documenting your friends and family, well, we all know they’re having a good time, it’s a wedding!!! I really hope my site illustrates that it’s a totally relaxed process. I promise you’ll be surprised at how effortless it is.

Award Winning Photographer