Want to see some reportage wedding photography? Well you’re in the right place. Because this is Sarah and David’s Wedding day, and what a day it was!

You’re going to have to forgive me for the length and detail of this post, but this wedding was back in May, and I’m getting older, 34 and my memory isn’t what it used to be! So as a consequence of my age and also devoting most of my brain (but not all you’ll be happy to know) to my new (ish) little person over the last year, I don’t remember every second of Sarah and David’s day. Luckily, I took some pictures, as you’d expect, so I have these to jog my memory and remember it all! THIS is what wedding photography is all about. Jogging that memory of yours when those moments take a holiday from your head!

We began the day at possibly the most idyllic house you have ever seen. I grew up in a 200-year-old thatched cottage, so I’m quite partial to a cottage. And the garden, whoa! I love a nice garden. You wouldn’t think it if you came to my house, but I do, so there. I couldn’t resist taking 5 minutes to grab a few snaps for Shirley, Sarah’s mother. It was like something out of Country Living Magazine!

We left the family home and headed to Hellidon Church for the ceremony, dodging a shower on the way in, enjoying a lovely service inside, and walking out to sunshine and confetti. Very lucky!

Driving over to Crockwell Farm in Eydon, Northants, we had the chance to take in some breath taking countryside. Crockwell is right in the middle of it, so it makes for a wonderful venue. That rain that had threatened earlier finally got us when halfway through the family images it completely SMASHED IT DOWN! Like monsoon crazy rain! But as is the way in this country it was a shower and nothing long lasting, so we completed the family images and even enjoyed the sun for the rest of the day.

With night closing in, we moved onto the first dance and evening party, which featured some of my favourite dancing of the year, lots of innovation and great shapes! I also took possibly, possibly, my favourite shot of the year! It’s top 5 at least. I’ll let you decide which one you think it is…

I hope you love these photographs as much as Sarah and David did! On viewing their collection they sent me an email that blew me away and reminded me how lucky I am to do what I do…

“Wow! We are honestly overwhelmed! These are so special! We’ve spent all evening and morning going through them over and over. We can’t believe how much of the day you managed to capture! So many beautiful moments!!!”

Sarah and David, I have no doubt that you will have a very happy married life together and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I hope to see you at a wedding in the future!