Have you ever been to The Great Tythe Barn in Gloucestershire? I have! A while ago Natasha and Tony asked my to provide their wedding photography for them and I couldn’t have been happier. I had snapped some of their friends weddings and I knew that it was going to be a day of partying and fun!


With bridal make-up in full swing, a torrential downpour began outside – it was certainly not what our Bride and Groom were hoping for! Particularly as there was a walk outside over to the wedding ceremony! Nobody panicked, actually that’s a lie, there may have been some mild panic. But guess what? The rain stopped! it has to be said though, it didn’t stop before the ceremony. Natasha made her way over protecting the wedding dress, hair, and make up and arrived looking as amazing as she did when she left her room!


So, it’s at this point where I took maybe my favourite photograph of the wedding. It’s always hard to pin down one image in particular. But I’d say that the shot where Tony’s daughter walks her new mother in law down the aisle is a winner. With both their arms stretched out to hold hands, it’s a priceless fleeting moment. You’ll know the frame I’m talking about when you see it, it’s pure documentary photography. I love the composition and the framing. It’s a pleasing image, but it is the story behind it that makes it great.

Check out the images below to see the rest of this wedding story unfold. It was such an amazing day. I’ll leave the last word to the lovely Natasha…

“I’m speechless!!!! I can’t believe how amazing these shots are!!! You’ve captured some of the most perfect moments, and some of the funniest!!”

Remember that I may be from Northamptonshire but I travel all over the country! So if you’d like to chat to me about your day just get in touch!

If you could pick the wedding of your dreams, what would it look like? Perhaps you hope to be married under the light of the setting sun, as it disappears behind the surrounding hills to be replaced by a magnificent planetarium of stars. Or perhaps your idea of romance is rural magnificence, with high stone walls and the ceiling towering above an archway of locally sourced flowers and greenery.


Minutes from the historic market town of Tetbury, sat in amongst the rural hills and countryside that sets The Cotswolds apart from the rest of the UK, there stands an Estate. Boasting a combination of modern-day luxury and traditional beauty, the Great Tythe Barn and surrounding farm outhouses is a venue unlike any other, ideal for everything from small and intimate weddings to large scale celebrations.

With a dedicated team, the Great Tythe Barn can be a canvas as blank as you need it to be, providing a naturally graceful foundation on which to build your perfect wedding. The location, well off the beaten track, provides accommodation for up to 90 of your guests, with the nearby town of Tetbury providing additional B&B’s and residences for any additional guests. Embracing guests and couples from all walks of life, one of the most special things about the Great Barn is its acceptance of any wedding style, with church blessings as welcome as civil ceremonies.

Of course, the perfect wedding album is something that every couple looks for in their big day, and luckily the Great Barn doesn’t disappoint. Whether you marry in the height of summer or instead opt for a winter wonderland wedding, the Great Barn has the surroundings to suit you, with natural stone backdrops preceding the vast countryside that goes on for miles. Archways line the gravel pathways, giving your guests somewhere to explore while you indulge in some shots of the two of you, before inviting your friends and family to join you for photos in front of the barn.

It doesn’t stop at the ceremony. The manicured lawns of the Great Barn, which so perfectly contradict the rural atmosphere of the barn and its aged stone walls, provide the perfect location to greet your guests for drinks, with the Gallery providing a large indoor area in bad weather. With specialised caterers brought in to cater for your choice of wedding menu – whether that’s a traditional 3-course wedding breakfast, BBQ or even a hog roast – the only challenge facing you as a couple will be to enjoy your meal without spilling any of it on your wedding gown!

But of course, the Great Barn is the well deserving focal point of the Great Tythe Barn, and in the evening the barn is transformed into a wonderland fit for your first dance as husband and wife.

Take a step outside and stand atop the gardens, taking in the view of the Cotswold hills together while your loved ones dance the night away. And remember, the Great Tythe Barn offers a fusion of traditional romance and high-end luxury, fit for your perfect wedding.