Your rustic barn wedding photography at Dodford Manor is important. I mean, it’s important anywhere! But, when you have a wedding venue as amazing as this, you want to take full advantage of the beauty! I love creating memories for my brides and grooms here. Great wedding images can be produced anywhere, but it always helps when you have a superb location!


Being a Northamptonshire wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of shooting here many times. I know every area of the fields owned by the Manor. Each becomes more beautiful at different times of year. Claire and Phillip were married on a sunny September day. This was before I became a Sony wedding photographer. Back then, I was still using a Canon 5dMk4 (for the photographers among you!).

My favourite photographs from this wonderful day were taken during the sunset. It sets perfectly over the fields, allowing for the lens flare that you see. The colours are just second to none. Quite often I have couples ask for the silhouettes I take at Dodford Manor and fortunately this was an occasion where I could provide one! Naturally you can’t always do these as, well, you need a sunset! If not though it’s never anything to worry about. We can always do cool stuff with camera flashes etc!

Anyway, I hope you love this set of 20 wedding images! Here’s what Claire and Phil had to say…

“Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer. We love the photos you took on our wedding day and the wedding album that you created. We love the mixture of natural photographs you took and the arty ones too. The photos during sunset are just perfect!”