Slapton Manor Wedding Photography

Jo & Dan

The Big Day

It’s truly delightful when someone within the wedding sector places their confidence in you to capture their special day. Jo, hailing from Slapton Manor, reached out to me quite some time ago, requesting my signature approach of candid wedding photography for her incredible day. And what a remarkable day it turned out to be! Exquisite floral arrangements adorned every nook of the church and reception venue, while an aura of serene beauty and joyful energy permeated the entire day. It was an absolute honour to play a role in such an important experience!

None Posed Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Jo and Dan during their pre-wedding photoshoot and immediately noticed their genuine comfort in front of the camera. This is quite a rarity, I must admit. It’s worth noting that Jo and Dan are not necessarily the type to strike posed poses (although that would be perfectly alright too); rather, they exuded a remarkable ease with the entire process. In my line of work, I regularly capture couples who might feel a bit apprehensive about being photographed. Regardless of your initial feelings about it, there’s truly nothing to be concerned about.

Time and again, I’ve witnessed couples being pleasantly surprised by how effortless and painless the experience can be. Sometimes, a simple stroll and casual conversation can yield incredibly authentic outcomes. The movement naturally distracts from any unease, while the conversations often evoke genuine and delightful reactions – it’s as simple as that! The goal isn’t to make it cringe-worthy (I personally despise anything forced or awkward!), nor does it require intricate posing. Just being yourselves, as the wonderful couple you are, is more than enough to capture beautiful moments.

Rural Wedding Venue

Nestled in the heart of picturesque countryside, Slapton Manor stands as an idyllic wedding venue that encapsulates timeless romance and elegance. This enchanting manor, with its rich history and captivating surroundings, offers couples an unforgettable setting to exchange their vows.

From the moment guests arrive at Slapton Manor, they are greeted by its grandeur – a historic mansion that exudes charm and sophistication. The manor’s lush gardens, adorned with fragrant blooms and delicate foliage, create a dreamlike backdrop for outdoor ceremonies. The gentle rustling of leaves and the tranquil ambiance paint an exquisite canvas for couples embarking on their marital journey.

Inside, the manor continues to inspire awe with its exquisite architecture, seamlessly blending the old-world charm of exposed beams and ornate details with modern comforts. The opulent reception rooms provide a regal ambiance for celebratory gatherings, while offering ample space for dining, dancing, and revelry. The interplay of natural light through large windows enhances the atmosphere, creating an ethereal glow that envelops the festivities.

Slapton Manor prides itself on catering to every couple’s vision, ensuring that every detail of the wedding day aligns with their dreams. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand celebration, the venue’s dedicated staff strives to make every moment perfect, from the meticulously prepared culinary delights to the seamless coordination of events.

Photography enthusiasts will find themselves in a haven of inspiration at Slapton Manor. The lush gardens, historic architecture, and breathtaking landscapes offer an array of captivating backdrops for capturing memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

In the heart of this enchanting venue, love stories unfold against a backdrop of elegance and tranquility. Slapton Manor is not just a wedding venue; it’s a haven where dreams come true, and where the journey of two souls intertwining is celebrated in the most exquisite fashion.

“There will never, ever be enough words to express how much these photos capture our day so perfectly. From hearts very full, thank you so very much. To both you and Richard – you absolutely smashed it!” Kayleigh and Ben

Peace out, Patch.