A while back, Marc and Jessica made a journey down from near Birmingham to my studio. They wanted to chat to me about the possibility of creating wedding photography at Gorcott Hall for them! Prior to meeting, Jessica had told me that they loved my natural style. They were interested in a wedding photographer capturing the emotion of their day, with mostly unposed photographs.

Having never been to Gorcott Hall to photograph a wedding before, I was pleased that Jessica had taken the time in an email to describe the wedding venue. A family run Tudor style house in Redditch. She described it as having an intimate feel. There would be a civil ceremony early in the day building up to the cake cutting and first dance in the evening. I was very keen to be a part of this beautiful day! After the meeting, it was confirmed that they would like to book me! I had a new bride and groom to add to my wedding season!


The drive to Gorcott Hall the morning of the big day was a rainy one. This never really phases me. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of many wet weather weddings. That said, I would always wish great weather on any couple, as you can imagine. So I was a little disappointed for Marc and Jessica. My disappointment was to be turned into happiness though, as the sun came out. Boy, did it come out! The title sunset photograph gives it away, but it was one of the most beautiful sunsets of the year. All this for a couple that certainly deserved it. I loved being a part of their day from start to finish. It was just a total treat. Great wedding guests, a beautiful wedding venue, stunning details and a couple that really cared about their memories. I had been in the presence of a very special day indeed.


I hope you love the images of this stunning wedding day below. If you have any comments I’d love to hear them! You can post them at the bottom of the page!

Here’s what Jessica and Marc had to say….

“Thank you so much for our beautiful photographs! We are overwhelmed with how beautifully you have captured our day. We love the natural shots, and are grateful with how you put us at ease in the couple/family photos.”