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I’ve often been a fan of an artistic wedding portrait. There is always value to a standard portrait of a bride and groom. A photograph in your wedding dress or wedding suit is a must. But seeing yourself in a different light to ever before is truly special.

Here is an example, taken at a Mount Falcon Estate wedding back in 2019.  It is actually largely a documentary image. I noticed Fergle, the groom, stood in natural light. The photographer I was working with snapping a portrait of the bride. So, I took some frames without him knowing, and then went over and asked him to pose.


After the big day I sat down to edit this image in Lightroom. I realised quickly that I actually preferred the unposed selection! I looked at this image in both colour and black and white and I certainly love the black and white option best! The combination of the strong shadows, crisp highlights and narrow light creates a striking and artistic image in my opinion. Most importantly of all, Fergle and Nas loved it!

What do you think? Your thoughts are important to me so please let me know what you think in the comments below!