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So, here’s an award winning image that I took in the summer. It’s pure documentary wedding photography. Nothing in this frame was posed. I had seen that the groom was moping his brow and Instantly I wanted to grab a shot of him! It was only after this that I saw that the Virgin Mary and Jesus were behind him! I realised that this would make quite a comical photo, so I moved to incorporate the sculpture. I also saw, that there was a good opportunity for symmetry, so I composed the image to take advantage of this.

I love this photograph because of the fun nature of it. The groom had a cheeky personality too, so I when you are made aware of this I think it elevates it from very good to great! I am always looking for these moments when snapping a wedding.

I’m really pleased to say too that this is an award winning photograph too! It won a This Is Reportage award a few months ago which I was so pleased about. Only 3% of entries win TIR awards, so to win my third is very special!

I’d love to hear what you think of this image so please leave a comment below if you’d like to!

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