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The Stanwick Hotel is the perfect place to create Northampton wedding photography. I have been there on a couple of occasions now and it was a pleasure to make my way back.

After a day of partying and champagne, the evening had arrived. Ghislaine and Marks’ day had been great fun. There was only the cake cutting and first dance left to come. I had been outside during the wedding breakfast because I wanted to find an image that would really stand out. I’ll do this for all of my couples if time will allow. I like to think that a bride and groom can enjoy a cool artistic image on their wall in a frame. Printing your wedding photography is so important in my opinion.


I found a beautiful large tree in the car park. Surrounded by cars, you may think that this was an odd location to use! However, I knew that I would light the tree with an off camera flash, and the bride and groom with an LED light. Doing this meant that the cars would disappear into shadow. The resulting photograph is below.

I love trees, and this one worked beautifully. The idea behind it, was that they are at the beginning of their married life. The branches showing how they will grow together. What do you think? If you’d like you can leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!