When Jasper and Emma asked my to produce their Hothorpe Hall Woodlands wedding photography for them, I was over the moon! I haven’t photographed a wedding there before. The Woodlands section of Hothorpe is reasonably new. So I’d been looking forward to producing some relaxed portraits and real moments at a new venue!


Before we made our way over to the wedding venue, we had a church service to enjoy. The weather was cold but the winter sun was shining. Wedding guests made their way into the Church in a small village. Church Stowe overlooks the stunning Northamptonshire countryside. It was a wonderful location. I already had my eye on a few potential photo opportunities once the rings had been exchanged! After a beautiful service, we had a new Mr and mrs Miller!

As excited guests made their way outside, I got to work arranging the family formal photographs. I don’t often post these images on this website. But that does not mean that I don’t provide them for my couples! They are certainly an important part of the wedding memories. However, the photographs I love to take are candid. Documentary wedding photography of friends, family and the bride and groom enjoying the day. So far this beautiful day was providing me with lots of these moments!


Arriving at The Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall, I wasn’t disappointed! What a beautiful location for a wedding reception. Taking my camera swiftly out of my bag, I got to work snapping natural portraits of Jasper and Emma. We had little daylight left, and I wanted to make sure we made the most of it!

I can’t pick a favourite photograph from this day. I have quite a few that I love, and I can’t select one in particular that stands out above the rest! You will have to choose for yourselves below!

Here’s what Mr and Mrs Miller had to say about their day…


We did a lot of research into wedding venues. We knew we wanted to get married in church, and knew that the church would be one that meant something to us as a couple. So the venue had to be somewhere fairly close. We wanted it to be somewhere that we hadn’t been to for another wedding. We went to look at a few venues, and hadn’t got any fixed views about what we wanted, but it became obvious that a lot of the venues were either out of our price range or were churning weddings out and had lost that special feeling.

Before we got engaged Jasper had said that he would like to get married like Robin Hood in a forest. The Woodlands seemed the perfect venue, the staff really seemed to care and it was a bit different. And the Bridal Suite was a tree house. They also offered some great packages which meant it was in our price range.
Our favourite part of the wedding day was the church and the ceremony, seeing each other and being with our families.
We also loved the car journey. It was November, but the driver gave us champagne in the back of the wedding car. It was luxurious and had a thick pile carpet in the back so was snuggly and gave us the only real time we had alone all day.
The evening party was great, but was more about chatting to our friends, dancing and having fun, it was all amazing!
We really enjoyed the wedding photography shoot around the wedding venue too!
Factor in some time for you as a couple to reflect on your special day. We had time in the car, we also discussed everything when we got back to the room that night over a can of Stella!!!
Jasper has said to me fairly early into our relationship that if we got married he’d want you to do the photography. We looked a lot your wedding albums etc and really liked your work. The engagement shoot we did in Oxford was brilliant. You provided loads of opportunities to build a relationship with you before the day and then after when we came to the studio. We’re not a couple who particularly enjoy having our photos taken, but you made the whole experience easy and we enjoyed it. Particularly the photos at the venue! We were really pleased with the results! You captured beautiful memories!

Located in the countryside of South Leicestershire, minutes from the neighbouring village which is aptly named ‘Husbands Bosworth’, stands the Hothorpe Hall. With two different venues both created with rural luxury in mind, Hothorpe Venues boasts incredible views over the 12-acre site. Traditional architecture and manicured grounds give way to the woodlands that stretch beyond into the surrounding countryside.

While Hothorpe Hall stands proud at the centre of the estate, the Woodlands venue is what really gives Hothorpe venues the unique and individual charm it deserves. Built around a modern and airy venue space, the pinnacle at the centre of the woodlands embraces the modern luxury your event needs. 


Wedding guests will be greeted at the ceremony venue after a short walk through the dreamy woodland space, allowing and encouraging them to enter a magical dreamscape filled with fairy lights, greenery and the unique decorations. The Woodland at Hothorpe Venues is licensed for both indoor ceremonies and outdoor ceremonies, meaning that the natural venue is not just for those summer months. In fact the indoor space available is subject to so much natural light and exposed woodwork that you and your guests will truly feel as if you are in the surrounds of nature.

Of course, woodlands lend themselves to romance and beautiful fragments of sunlight, and you can rest assured that your wedding album will be second to none. Leave your guests to enjoy Prosecco in the woodland meadows and roast marshmallows on the exposed fire pit, while you steal a few moments away in the trees together as a married couple. Secrecy and mystery are part and parcel of a wedding in the Hothorpe Woodlands, and your guests will be continually enchanted by the hidden surprises behind every tree and around every corner.


As for the newlyweds, the treehouse not only offers privacy and luxury, but also incredible views that span across the woodland. Located a short walk from the rest of your wedding party, you will have access to the treehouse all day, with the balcony lending itself to those intimate moments and natural photos, and the comfortable living space providing the perfect spot for a quick moment together to gather your thoughts before presenting yourself to your guests as husband and wife.