Wedding photography at Needham House Hotel is new to me. Having been invited to photograph Tom and Laura’s day, I was excited to make my way over to what was a new wedding venue to me.

I was contacted by Tom, who was taking the reins on researching the photographer for his and his future wife’s special day. I photographed a wedding that they had attended. I was happy that they were impressed enough to reach out to talk about their wedding photography options.

After chatting with Tom, I knew that they were looking for unobtrusive wedding photography, which suited me! I always say that as much as 90% of my day is spent documenting. So creating fun and candid wedding photographs worked perfectly!

Needham House Hotel is a venue that benefits from large grounds. On the big day I arrived early, as I always do. I took time to walk around the venue, looking at all the potential photo backdrops. I would never want to become a wedding photography factory. It’s easy to just use the obvious locations afforded by a wedding venue. I’m not totally against using these, but I like to try and find something different for my couples. I’m passionate about what I do and I always want to give my all! As a concequence of this I found two of my favorite locations from the day!

I hope you love the photographs from this wonderful wedding day. Thank you so much to Tom and Laura for inviting me to be a part of their day. I loved spending time with you and your friends and family!