Hi there and welcome to my website. My name is Elliot W Patching and I’m a wedding photographer from Northamptonshire in the UK! If you’ve found this page, you will probably be interested in Iranian wedding photography. I had the pleasure of photographing my first Iranian wedding last month in Ireland for my bride and groom Fergle and Naz. I totally loved it – so much fun and laughter!


My style is very much reportage, relaxed and informal, ideal for these kinds of ceremonies. As you can see, I traveled from England to Ireland for this wedding, so I travel to all destinations for weddings. In fact, I suppose you could say that I’m a destination wedding photographer really!

I’ve added some imagery below for you to view. Hopefully it gives you a good idea of the amazing moments and wedding details that I like to capture. If you love the stills that I produce, please contact me for availability!


While the teachings of the Quran and Islamic traditions have altered the basic concept of marriage in Iran ever since history can remember, the wedding ceremony itself is a spectacle; shrouded in ancient tradition that has remained much the same for many years. 

One of the fundamental principles of the Iranian wedding is the sheer size of the event – typically celebrations can last for days, combining the necessary customs and traditions with the more personal elements selected by the bride and groom. There is a lot more freedom now than there once was for couples, with arranged marriage relaxing in the face of the age old fairytale we all wish for – marrying for love. 


The wedding ceremony is one of the largest celebrations in Iran, with family wedding guests assembling to recognise the ceremonies that have been present in Iranian wedding culture for many generations. The Sofreh Aghd, which translates to ‘Table of Wedding’ and signifies the legal part of the ceremony, refers to an elaborate table display of mainly symbolic items – each of which will represent a different element of the couple’s new life together. These days you will find that the Sofreh Aghd is designed uniquely around the bride and groom’s style, however on every table there will be the traditional basics which include a mirror, candles, herbs and spices, Persian flatbreads and eggs, among other items. 

Perhaps the most unique of these items is the Holy Book of Choice, whereby the couple may choose a Holy Book to symbolise God’s blessing over their marriage. This may be anything from the Quran to the Bible or even a book of Iranian poetry. 

The Sofreh Aghd also plays host to gifts and blessings bestowed on the couple by their guests, creating a union of beautiful gifts, decorations and symbolic items. No matter the size or budget of the individual event, an Iranian wedding is a celebration of splendour. It is a chance for the two uniting families to come together and form a new path to move forward, blessing not only the couple but their entire family community.