As a Kelmarsh Hall wedding photographer I’m proud to present the wedding of Daniel and Alisa. Right here. On my recent weddings. 

A stretched Hummer is a vehicle not made for windey country roads. So when I saw one turn up on the morning of D+A’s wedding it left me totally baffled. How did this guy manage to get that vehicle to this location? He must be a magician. It did look ‘pimp’ (that’s right, I did just use the word pimp) in the summer sun. And it fits the whole wedding party in it. So it’s practical in that sense!

The first thing that I thought as I hustled my way through the entrance of Kelmarsh Hall and into the ceremony room was, how on earth am I going to fit Daniel and Alisa in the frame? Both are tall people. And the room was jam packed with guests. And the room was small. These guys have too many friends! Fortunately enough I managed it. Sure, I had to contort myself David Blaine stylee into a window frame, to the extent that I think I became the window frame, but it worked. And that’s what matters!

Funnily enough, the ceremony shots feature some of my faves from 2016. Maybe I should shoot from peculiar angles more often?!

The guests snaked their way jubilantly to the marquee for the wedding breakfast and the day continued with drinking, funsies and…… conker picking. Not an activity that you perhaps associate with a wedding, and not an activity that D+A had set out for their guests, but it was happening all the same!

Daniel and Alisa thank you for letting me be a part of your day. It was a blinder! I hope you have a wonderful marriage. I don’t doubt you will.

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