Anna and Chris had booked me as their Courteen Hall wedding photographer a long way in advance of their big day. They’d booked Courteen Hall, where at the time, they hadn’t had a wedding. I don’t think anyway! It was brand new. When I say brand new I don’t mean a new facility. As you may be able to tell from the name it’s an old house….

I had a good old fashion mooch around the venue the day before. I remember it was scorching hot. I also remember not being able to find it for love nor money. You’d perhaps think Courteen Hall would be in the village, Courteenhall. You’d be wrong. It’s grounds may kiss the edge of the village (which is a cul de sac by the way!), but the entrance is nowhere near. Eventually I found it and it was worth the goosey goose chase!

The first thing that struck me about this wedding was the happiness. Clearly you expect more than a smidge of happiness on a wedding day! But everyone at the wedding was so very happy for Anna and Chris.

Just look at the images. There are so many shots of guests congratulating them with hugs and kisses. My job was almost too easy!

The second was the long grass and lovely tree that Courteen Hall had at the front of the house. Completely awesome. I liked the tree so much I stuck a groom in it. As you can see. Who knew that Chris was such a climber? If I had a cat and it was stuck up a tree, I’d call Chris. I don’t have a cat though so no danger of that happening!

Anyway feast your pork pies on A+C’s story below. I hope you like them. Thanks to our wonderful Bride and Groom for providing such a beautiful and fun day to shoot! You guys keep enjoying what you have. Total pleasure to capture all those moments for you. Thanks for providing the sun too! Congrats!

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