Let me tell you a little tale about Katie and Pete’s big day….

This is their Rhinefield House wedding photography. The venue website says it’s the jewel of the New Forest. You’ve got your Copper Beech Trees and your Canadian Redwoods all over the shop. And then there’s the house. Well you’ve only got to see the first shot and you can tell she’s a beauty. So yeah – it’s a jewel alright. 

Being a Northampton wedding photographer it’s quite a jaunt to the New Forest. Not that that bothers me too much. I’m quite partial to a road trip. And I love working at new venues. The journey was smooth sailing and pretty darn pleasant. I stayed in a delightful hotel the night before and even lucked in with a breakfast. Pretty sure I didn’t order it, but I accepted it anyway. I’m not one to turn down food. Especially if it’s breakfast! That’s my fave. 

So on arriving at the ‘jewel’ for a little recon mission early on the morning of, I was pleased with all the lovely locations at our disposal. It was April and there was blossom littered all over the show. And if Katie and Pete were willing, some even lovelier locations just a touch further away featuring those Canadian Redwoods I spoke of earlier.

The thing that stands out in my mind from this wedding is the ceremony. The hall where the ceremony was held featured a large window with beautiful light streaming through. It was just a pleasure to shoot. Couple that with a good amount of emotion thrown in and you have a very happy me. I love a crier. I actively encourage losing yourself and letting the waterworks fly. Don’t be shy now! On a serious note it was a super nice service. It’s great to see people show their emotions. I actually don’t see as many tears as you may expect. 

Katie and Pete made me feel very welcome indeed. It’s always nice to be made to feel that way. So thank you K+P for that, and thank you also for indulging me and taking the walk down to the trees. I could have stayed there forever but you had a wedding to enjoy, so…! Seriously though congratulations to you both. I loved being a part of your day.

Enough from me, check out the images from this wonderful day….

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