What can I say about Simon and Laura? I can say that they booked me for their Reportage Wedding Photography, and I can also say with total conviction that they had an ace wedding day. Proper ace. I know. I was there when it happened. And these wedding images are evidence.

I was in the same form as Simon’s brother, Sam, at school and I spent many a summer day playing football in the field opposite their family home with both of them. We played football and I watched them fight each other when one of them was losing. Those were the days!

So fast forward 10 years (probably more but I don’t want to make myself sound too old), there I was standing in front of Simon who was looking both nervous and excited to see Laura glide down the aisle, arm in arm with her Dad. And there was Sam, his brother, stood beside him as bestman. There would be no wrestling and punches thrown today. 

Laura prepared for the day at her parents’ home and then it was onto Newnham Church and Kelmarsh Hall for the festivities. I love me some Kelmarsh Hall. It’s just been renovated don’t you know? And it’s even more spectacular than it used to be.

Like I said earlier, the day was mega. You don’t need me to tell you that. You can see the images. Other than a Bridal migraine (can you believe it?! Fortunately Laura recovered well and quickly), the day went off beautifully. I might have even stayed for a bottle of Peroni after the first dance. I know, I’m a devil aren’t I? 

Simon and Laura – thank you for having me. It is a pleasure to see you guys so happy and now so married. Enjoy it and I’ll see you at Sam and Carla’s big day!

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