Stay on this page if you want to see a beautiful marquee wedding! Louise and Rob had an awesome wedding day in the Northamptonshire countryside and I’ve got the pics below to prove it!

My day began just down the road from both the ceremony and the reception at Louise and Rob’s house. The morning was relaxed despite the incredibly hot weather – it was building into a scorcher! I spent my time documenting like I usually do, details, moments etc. This and chasing a cat around. Camera shy cats are a tough assignment. I managed to get a few shots in the end!

On we went to Lamport Hall. Lamport is on of the many stunning stately homes in Northamptonshire. Here’s a fun fact (because we all know I love a fun fact) Lamport Hall is where the tradition of Garden Gnomes started. Got to love that. What you have also got to love, is the Oak room, which is where Louise and Rob chose to marry. It’s stunning. Our bride entered down the staircase and then along the aisle. It was a perfect entrance and a perfect ceremony conducted beautifully by Mary who is a wonderful ceremony officer. One of my fave shots from the day came just after the ceremony. The sunlight was streaming directly in the bestmans face and I love the shot of him squinting! Funny little moments like that are where it’s at if you ask me!

On from there and we made our way to a house where the marquee was situated for the reception. We were overlooking Pitsford reservoir and the views were and are simply spectacular. Usually I’m lugging my body along the 7 mile track around the water, so it was nice to be able to actually appreciate it for once!

The arrival of Louise and Rob was not one that I, or any of the guests will forget in a hurry. Down they came from the sky, flown in by helicopter (by the bestmans father no less) landing in one of the many fields surrounding us.  It was yet another perfect scene from what had been, and continued to be, a perfect day.

The speeches were super and the evening festivities got under way. We sneaked off for 5 mins to grab some images under the festoon lights that had been added to the trees that surrounded the marquee. I saw the shot earlier on in the day and had made a mental note to consider it for later if Louise and Rob were happy to take part and they were! I think it was worth it!

When we had finished it was time for me to leave and allow everyone to enjoy their evening. Huge thank yous to Mr and Mrs Jones for inviting me to be a part of their day – I know you will have a wonderful life together!

“Oh my… what can we say?!! These are AMAZING! That doesn’t even do it justice though- we can’t stop smiling, you are just so clever! Thank you so very much for everything you did!We love them!!”