I was over the bloomin’ moon when Anna and Chris booked me as their specialist documentary wedding photographer. Not only that, it was for wedding photography at Dodford Manor – double bonus!

I’ve said this before on many different occasions to many different people, I don’t care about the weather on a wedding day. Well, I do, but only that my couples get the weather that they want. Other than that, I don’t care. Rain, hail, bright sunshine, overcast, cold, windy – I do not care a bit! Not a jot. Not even a smidge! Variety, along with so many other bits and bobs, is what I love about wedding photography. The weather is one of the things that make each big day completely unique!

I don’t check the weather app on my phone every hour of the day for a week leading up to a wedding. But for Anna and Chris’s wedding, I broke away from tradition and I may have had a sneaky look on a couple of occasions! THE BEAST FROM THE EAST was coming. If you believed the forecasters it was the end of the world. So yeah, I took a peek!

But guess what? It wasn’t so bad. Not in Northampton anyway! I hopped in my wife’s 4×4 and I got there easily. The roads were so good that I was massively early in fact! I spoke to Anna earlier in the week as I always do to check timings etc, and she

was understandably nervous about guests making it. But it was wasted energy! All the guests managed to make their way to Dodford Manor too!

After the lovely ceremony was taken care of and we had a new Mr and Mrs on our hands, the three of us stepped outside and took some time to enjoy the snow. By that I mean we all got cold whilst doing a shoot, but we had fun whilst doing it! I knew that Anna and Chris were going to make my life nice and easy after we had their pre-wedding shoot – natural in each other’s company and ready to have a giggle. Right up my street!

Some great speeches were followed by a busy dance floor. It didn’t even thin out when the evening buffet was presented which is usually a signal for the dancers sound the retreat. If you won’t stop dancing even when a bacon sarnie is on offer you know that everyone is having a great time!

Anna and Chris thank you for trusting me to shoot your day. I, like all of your guests, enjoyed it immensely!