Pheasantry Brewery Wedding

Erin & Tim

Erin and Tim’s day was my first Pheasantry Brewery wedding. It’s a beautiful wedding venue featuring stunning opportunities for an idilyc outdoor ceremony. Naturally you need the weather if you’re to wed in the elements, lucky then that we had a perfect day!

When I booked Erin and Tim’s day I knew that it was going to be a lot of fun, and guess what? I was right! It was a day packed with one event after another. Dancing, music, booze and space hoppers.

Wedding Entertainment

Now, most people will tell you that your day must be about you, an extension of your collective personalities all rolled into one perfect day. I’m not going to tell you any different. But actually achieving this can be a headache. With such diverse age ranges and tastes at a wedding, it can be hard to just do things for you. Because you want to include everyone and you want everybody to have a great time. Truth is, a lot of time and stress can be devoted to this. Like the table plan for instance – who sits with who?! Will this Dave get on with Trevor, with Margery clash with Mandy? It can be hard to get past this. And I know, I’ve been there worrying about the exact same issues (albeit 10 years ago!). But let’s be honest, they aren’t really issues, are they?  It’s a wedding, and if a wedding doesn’t put you in the very best frame of mind, surrounded by all love and booze and food and dancing, what will? I bet Dave will be dancing with Trevor by the end of the evening. I bet Mandy will be getting the gin’s in for Margery. And all that worry will be for nothing at all. I know this, I’ve literally seen it. Week in, week out for nearly 14 years!

Erin said that Tim gave her the courage to just “do you”. The confidence to be yourself no matter what. That’s pretty special. If that means wearing Crocks for your first dance and shorts on the evening of your wedding, then so be it.

“There will never, ever be enough words to express how much these photos capture our day so perfectly. From hearts very full, thank you so very much. To both you and Richard – you absolutely smashed it!” Kayleigh and Ben

Peace out, Patch.