So we move past another year and into a fresh, shiny new one. The last one was good to me, providing great memories both personally and professionally.

2018 marked my 10th year in business. 10 years as a specialist wedding photographer. I left my old job as a F1 snapper on the Monday after the first Singapore’s Grand Prix and flew home with no job and frankly, no money. Forward planning back then was not a strong point for me!

10 years down the line and I’ve shot over 400 weddings, that’s a lot of happy memories for me and the happy couples. You’d perhaps be forgiven for thinking that maybe I’m getting bored of doing this after doing it for so long? Am I not bored of seeing people in love having the time of their lives with their friends and family? No. If you are running that through your head rest assured that I am not bored. Not at all! 

I’m 35 now, and it seems that as every year passes it gives me more time to realise how lucky I am to do something that I love. It has to be said that sorting my yearly accounts is a drag, but I can’t fault any other facet of what I do. A fair few years ago I used to say that wedding photography wasn’t a hobby, but it was a job that I enjoyed very much. I disagree with that statement now. If I was to win the lottery I’d still shoot weddings because it IS a hobby AND a job I love. I’d just arrive in an Aston Martin!!!

Anyway, a special thanks as always to all the lovely couples that trusted me to capture the moments, memories and occasional mayhem of their wedding day. I did do another post previously, which showed my 2018 slideshow, so I suppose you could say “why do this post then?!” Well, the idea of it really is to allow you some time to take a scroll through at your own pace. So if you have 10 mins, grab a brew and have a flick through! Hope you love viewing as much as I enjoyed creating them!