It’s not often that I have the chance to produce destination engagement photography in Cadiz. I’ve photographed weddings in Spain, Italy, France, even Ireland! But I’ve never hopped over the water to snap a pre-wedding shoot. However, last week in Cadiz I did just that!

If you haven’t been Cadiz it a beaut of a city. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over Spain. As some of you may know, I was a Formula One photographer in my past life. The first time I went out there was for work, and I was hooked from my first visit. So when I say that Cadiz has one of the nicest old towns I’ve been to, you get an idea of how lovely it is. Some of the beaches are HUGE too!

We had super weather for our shoot. The kind of weather you dream of in the UK. Vero and Alejandro were a little disappointed that it was so windy. Apparently the day before we met for our shoot, the weather was perfect. I have to say that it felt pretty perfect on the day of our shoot to me, but I suppose the Spanish may not be used to the type of weather were have to endure in the UK!

I hadn’t met Vero and Alejandro before, so we took some time to have a chat with lunch on the beach. I’ve always felt like this is one of the important aspects of the pre-wedding shoot. Getting to know one another before the big day can go a long way to making your experience more relaxed, so we can produce those photographs that have a reportage feel. It’s nice to have a friendly face arrive to your bridal prep, and not a stranger! For some, it will prevent a layer of stress that just isn’t necessary. If you like relaxed, documentary style photography, it’s important for you to feel that way. These photo shoots will go a long way towards helping with that I guarantee it!

Anyway, here are the images from the shoot. It was great to discover such an amazing city with a super fun couple, so thank you to Alejandro and Vero. I loved the tapas, the wine (and maybe a beer too!) but most of all I loved having a camera in my hand. Photographing couples is still a hobby, even after being a Northamptonshire wedding photographer for 10 years! I hope you love the pics!

Cádiz is a city and a port that is located in the southwest of Spain. It is a special place and is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe to be continuously inhabited over the years. There are ruins and remains that date back 3100 years. If you’re looking to go somewhere with a lot of history and a little excitement, then the city would be perfect for you and your wedding. This area has been a main port for the Spain Navy since the 18th century, and the city is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network (this is a network that exists to discuss any issues surrounding the oldest cities in Europe).

Cádiz is, in a word, charming. There are beautiful views that will simply take your breath away in Spain’s sunlit heat – idea for your wedding photographs. From Santa Catalina Castle, you can look out across the ocean and over to the shore – an idea vista for your big day. Hundreds of boats bob gently on the aquamarine waves, and the golden sands of the beach will definitely call to you. There are several beaches near the city, including La Caleta – which happens to sit in the centre of them all, and offers several restaurants and other eateries.


It is so very easy to fall in love with the city of Cádiz, there is something for every bride and groom; from history buffs to ocean-lovers. For a piece of history, take time to check out the Roman amphitheater that you can walk through. It can be found near the main street by the coast, and it also hosts a museum to teach you all about this still-standing theatre.

Though Spain has always been a tourist hotspot, there’s something different about Cádiz. The larger cities of Europe’s summer country are becoming more multicultural, opening up their world to people everywhere. Cádiz is similar, but it has kept some of the older Spanish cultures that you don’t find in many tourist-filled cities in Spain. Everyone seems to know each other, and the people of Cádiz that walk the streets are so very friendly. You’ll soon join in, whether you meet someone while waiting for a bus or you get chatting to a local while watching the waves.

Speaking of history, you can make your own mark in Cádiz. Weddings are extremely popular in the city with future brides and grooms, with many couples taking to the local hotels and then going out to the coast for their post-wedding photoshoot. The sun will truly shine down when you tie the knot day in this city, and you’ll be in experienced hands with any boutique hotel you choose for your big day. 


If you are looking for a Cadiz wedding photographer to take care of your day then please contact me for more details. I’d love the opportunity to create more memories in this wonderful city!