Best Wedding Photography 2021.

2021 in review.

Best wedding photography 2021.

“Elliot, we are speechless! These are wonderful! You are absolutely incredible!” Rachael and Jon

Well, here we are. 2021 is the past. I started last year about as unhappy as I’ve ever been. Grateful for health, family and friends, but thoroughly downbeat about the the situation I, my business and my couples found themselves in. But this isn’t woeful post, far from it. I ended that same year still grateful, but also surrounded by pure joy back to doing the thing I love most. Weddings were back. I was back. We were back. It felt great to be back!

My couples graced some of the most graceful venues with their considerable grace. I was there too, bit less graceful, but loving every minute witnessing journeys in their beginning. I could talk about the spectacular beauty of Stowe House, a love story that began on the set of game of thrones or the privilege of shooting at St Paul’s Cathedral. I won’t though. I’ll let the photographs do the talking. I hope you love the slideshow. There are a selection of images under this text too that you can browse through if you’d like to.

Thanks to all my couples who were wonderful throughout. I have loved being a part of your day, I really mean that. I hope you have the most wonderful lives together. 2022 is going to be a great year. I can feel it. If this is your time as a couple, it’s going to be an amazing ride!

Party at Boris’ house anyone?

Stay classy, Patch x