Aaron & Sara

Put simply Great Tythe Barn is simply a great place for wedding photography. It’s a great place to got married too obviously! But looking at it from photographers viewpoint, it’s a stunning wedding venue. But this little beauty of a wedding day didn’t start at Great the Barn. It began in the town that it sits near, Tetbury.

Tetbury house was a fitting place to begin a beautiful wedding day. A classic cotswold stone building nestled in a beautiful town seemed to fit the bill nicely. The high windows afforded great light for photographs, and gave the space needed for both the make up artist and me to do our thing. Three levels meant that the groom, Aaron, could get ready on the second floor. The bridal party and the bride camped out on the top floor away from any prying eyes!

A Sunny Wedding Day

Let’s face it, you don’t really expect sunshine from an October wedding. But that’s what we were treated to for Aaron and Sara’s big day. We moved through the town and down the hill to the secluded church for the wedding service. The orange and yellow hues shone through the trees and it’s that time of year that offers all the colour you could wish for. My wife and I got married in October – we were’t as lucky with our weather!

A beautiful service was followed by a short but scenic drive to Great The Barn. This is a venue that I have worked at before. It had been a while though, and I as looking forward to returning. The grounds were just as I remembered them. A beautiful country house with stunning grounds. The wedding barn itself is a wonderful open space that gives a couple and their guests everything they could ever need. The hall is transformed into the dance hall for the evening and I was treated to a packed dance floor with some enthusiastic dancing! I love shooting the evening fun!

Anyway, I’m going to stop going on. It’s probably best I let the photographs do the taking. I could describe the rest of the day, but why when I can illustrate it! I hope you love my work from the day. It was a complete pleasure creating these memories.

To the beautiful bride and handsome groom, thanks for having me along to enjoy your day with you. This isn’t work. I have no doubt that Aaron and Sara with have a wonderful life together.

Stay classy, Patch.