There are times as a Northampton wedding photographer that you arrive at a wedding and the weather is a bit pants. That’s just the way it is. I arrived at the wedding of Nick and Agnes and the weather was pants. But I knew that it just didn’t matter….

Because it’s all about what you make of it. And I knew that Nick and Agnes were certainly not the type of couple to let a bit of water get in the way of their best day. And that’s how it played out!

Marquee weddings are always fun. It seems that the informality just relaxes everyone. This particular marquee wedding was in a field that alpacas usually call their home. I ride past it on my bike and see them roaming around. I love an alpaca. And I also love a Frenchman. Not a French man, but French people. Which was a good thing for this wedding. Agnes is from Albertville located at the foot The Alpes. It hosted the Winter Olympics in 1992 don’t you know? What a place to grow up! Imagine! Fortunately for Nick, she left France to come to London. And that’s where they met. 

And that Luuurve that grew culminated in a Marquee wedding in Flore, a small village in Northants, featuring hay bales for seats and all sorts of lovely little touches that made their day a cracker. 

So time for me to parler a bit of Francais:

Je vous remercie de m’avoir invite a participer a votre journee. C’etait un vrai Plaisir de travailler avec vous. Je vous souhaite des meilleurs voeux pour votre avenir ensemble x

My wife speaks French but I did this all myself. Ok I did most of it. Ok I did a little bit. Oh alright then, I did none of it. But I do mean it! Congratulations Nick and Agnes!

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