It’s Hollie and Matthew! 

Where do I start with this one? Fawsley Hall. That’s where. Hollie and her entire army of Bridesmaids in their matching silk robe uniform began their day at potentially the nicest stately home in Northants. Behind Althorpe House maybe.  If I gave Fawsley ‘the best’ tag, I think the Earl Spencer would have something to say. So let’s not upset him. I have it on good authority he reads this blog religiously so…..

As a Northamptonshire wedding photographer, Fawsley hall is easily one of my favourite venues with the completely underrated countryside surrounding it.  Dodford Manor holds a place close to my heart having married my wife Steph there back in 2012. I’m a big fan!

Thankfully H+M’s day didn’t follow one of the trends of our wedding. They had lovely sun. And not rain, wind, hail and I think a bit of snow that we had on our day!

What they did have in common with ours though was a lot of fun and laughter. It’s hard to not get totally caught up in it all as a photographer. In fact, I’ve always found it’s best to embrace the atmosphere of a wedding as an outsider. Not that I felt like an outsider. But clearly I’m there to do a job!

During the ceremony it was hard to get any shots of H+M not grinning from ear to ear. The speeches were packed with giggles and a hint of embarrassment (like all the best ones are!) and before I knew it, my day came to rest with the first twirl around the dance floor to The Ashmore Brothers (of whom I highly recommend!). Quality live music and all round good chaps!

Anyway, enough from me. Congratulations to the smiley people, Hollie and Matthew. Keep smiling and enjoy marriage! Thanks for having me!

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